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ByeNeo -

ned 30. srp 2015 12:44:53

What is byeNEO?

byeNEO is an advertising platform that pays you to interact with advertisers. Advertisers purchase ads in our system. We then deliver those ads to proven valuable users, and provide those users with instant cash incentives to interact with the advertiser. Advertisers thereby pay for guaranteed communication of their products to proven valuable users. Our method of communication is both direct and powerful! That, combined with our value targeting systems, help advertisers stop wasting their money on junk traffic. To instead target individuals proven capable of affording what they have to offer. And in turn enabling us to provide those users with worthwhile rewards for their time and attention.

Can I earn real money and cashout from free?

Yes you can! No deposit is required to earn money with byeNEO. Just signup a free account, click on one or more "Bonus Ads" found at the top of your dashboard. These ads don't pay you cash, but they give you "BNPoints". That are required to receive Value Ads ($). Every 100 BNP will deliver $1.00 worth of paid ads to your account ASAP (usually between 30-60 days). And with each paid cash ad you receive, the corresponding amount of BNP will be reduced. You'll keep receiving paid ads until all your BNP is consumed. Top it up to earn more! The more BNPoints you accumulate in one go, the higher value ads your account will begin to receive. Click on the Value ads issued to you, and the cash value will be added to your account balance. That you can then cashout as soon as you meet the minimum required, for your payment method of choice. $5 is the minimum cashout for Perfect Money and BTC. In addition to the above, you can optionally refer friends / advertisers! And you will earn cash commissions every time they interact with paid ads (5% of the click value or 10% of the click with Pro Upgrade).

How to start earning money?

Everything in byeNEO is based on BNPoints. Those BNP's allow you to get Value Ads each day. Each 1 BNP is worh of $0.01. Using BNPoints, you can also buy additional ads in our Flash Ads channel.

Start with Bonus Ads

Each day you will get maximum 5 Bonus Ads. One will bring you 1BNP worth of $0.01 to your BNP balance.

Payment processors commissions

We are giving you chance to add funds to your account balance by 3 payment processors. We are working to get more payment systems to our site, but right now there are 3 payment processors working. They differ to each other. Below are given payment processors commissions.

Deposit commissions are the following:
PerfectMoney – 0 %
Bitcoin – 0%
PayPal - 0%

Exit commissions are as follows:
PerfectMoney – 0%
Bitcoin – 0%
PayPal – 0%

You will receive 90% of the amount. 10% will be used for mandatory reinvestment - this amount will go into your account as BNP. $1 = 100 BNP.

How to add money to my account?

Click ‘Deposit’ tab in your Dashboard. Then choose which one payment system you want to use. Then you can choose an amount of money you want to add into your account balance and payment processor you want to pay and click the button ‘Pay with...’. You will be moved to next page when you should see all instructions about how to add money exactly.

How to buy Ad Pack?

First you should do, is to get into ‘Buy AdPack’ tab. First of all you have to paste your link that you want to promote and advertise with us. Of course if you don’t want to advertise any of yours site. Second step is paste URL of your 125x125, 468x60 or 728x90 banner. If you doesn’t want upload any banner, leave this place empty.

Fourth step is to choode how many advertising packages do you want to buy. Under this you should get a simple summary how many website impressions you will get, and of course how many BNPoints will be added to your account.

What do I get for buying a single campaign?

If you buy a campaign in our service, it will give you the following benefits:
- 50 banner impressions,
- 50 unique visits to your website,
- 1200 BNPoints.
- Each BNP is worth $0.01, it means that from one advertising package you will get Value Ads, as soon as possible (usually within 30-60 days), worth of $12.

What do I get for buying a bulk campaign?

If you buy a bulk campaign in our service, it will give you the following benefits:
- 150-500 of your banner impressions,
- 150-500 unique visits to your website,
- 1250-1350 BNPoints per each Ad Pack.
- Each BNP is worth $0.01, it means that from one advertising package you will get Value Ads, as soon as possible (usually within 30-60 days), worth of $12.

How many BNP do I need to receive Value Ads each day?

You won’t get any Value Ads if you are below 50 BNPoints. Remember this information it is very important. There are 12 levels in our program. Each group gets different value of Value Ads.

Can I set up more than one account using the same IP?

No, we do not agree with creating more than one account from the same IP.

Can I use the software for earnings?

No, We are not allowing you to use any software. This can make your account risk, and we will know that. Please do not do to make your account risk.

Can I earn money and withdrawal request from a free member?

No investment or deposit is required to earn money with byeNEO.

How long do cashouts take?

byeNEO earnings balance transfers are instant. Allow 1-5 business days for cashouts normally.

When can I cashout my referral commissions?

Referral commissions are credited to your account earnings balance instantly. And are immediately available for withdrawal.

What is the minimum Ad Pack purchase?

You can buy ad campaigns from $10.00 if you want to receive BNPoints. If you want to advertise only, you can order our additional advertising forms from just $1.

What is the minimum cashout?

You can cashout when you reach $5 in your Cash Balance.

What determines the value of ads I receive each day?

We have a certain total amount of money that we can issue each day in ads. Calculated from how we divide up each ad purchase, and our other revenue streams. We then create ads of various sizes to consume that daily total. With each ad promoting a randomly available campaign. byeNEO helps you get paid for interacting with advertisers. We deliver ads to your account daily worth from $0.001 to $100. The ads worth continue to proportional to site's popularity and your current group. All you need is to click the ad, and visit the website and you earn money. The more you have BNP, the more you earn! They're balanced quite well with the free BNP ads, and super-low value ads to freebie users... Just we focus the bulk of the earning at proven valuable users.

If you want to earn more, aim to climb our "Levels"; if you move up a group; you'll earn at least a bit more than the one before it on any given daily issue:

Ad groups only concern the main "daily ad issue". We also issue hundreds of thousands of tiny value ads completely at random each day.

Level BNP

Level 0 0 - 50 BNP
Level 1 50 - 250 BNP
Level 2 250 - 500 BNP
Level 3 500 - 1000 BNP
Level 4 1000 - 2000 BNP
Level 5 2000 - 4000 BNP
Level 6 4000 - 8000 BNP
Level 7 8000 - 16k BNP
Level 8 16k - 32k BNP
Level 9 32k - 64k BNP
Level 10 64k - 128k BNP
Level 11 128k - 256k BNP
Level 12 more than 256k BNP



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