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Paidvertize - Earn $1.56 for every $1 ad - Similar PV - PF -

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Earn $1.56 for every $1 ad purchase

PaidVertize is an advertising and marketing solution provider company.
No any invest or deposit is required to earn money with PaidVertize. Just sign up a free account, click on "Point ad" found in the member area. These points do not pay you as cash, but they give you "Paid ads".

Every 1 Point will deliver $0.0005 worth of Value ad to your account. And with each Paid ad you receive, the corresponding amount of Points will be reduced. You'll keep receiving Value ads until all your Points is consumed.

Top it up to earn more! The more Points you accumulate, the higher Paid ads in your account will begin to receive. If you want to block out low value ads from needlessly consuming your Points, you can buy the ad filter from Ad Filter page.

How to earn more from PaidVertize?

Refer a friend to get 10% of each Bundle Ad Purchase.
Refer a friend to get 5% for each your referral click ads.
Upgrade account to receive more Paid ads.


This is the right place to advertise. We are providing low cost ad services, starts from $1. We’ll deliver you thousands of real users direct to your website.


Earn up to $210 for 30 seconds
Earn $1.56 for every $1 ad purchase
Earn 10% of buys & 5% of visits for referrals
Forget pennies, Get dollers in 30 seconds
Just 10 ads daily on ad filter
Guaranteed daily ads according to groups


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