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AmoringTag [Bonus $ 1 first 100] + 100 credits into account

pát 24. dub 2015 16:43:17


amoringTag is a recently launched Paid-to-Click site based on revenue-sharing module, that means that the revenue is shared among the users. amoringTag has been built for Internet marketers and PTC-industry clicking users.

amoringTag makes it ridiculously easy to earn while clicking ads. We often send our users with proper value ads ranging from $0.001 to around $3 daily. The ad-value generally depends on user activity and site revenues. Furthermore, it's directly proportional to site's popularity and growth. As you may already know, the site has been recently launched and is still struggling to gain members, you won't find massive ad-values here but after couple of days and weeks, once your revenues grow, you will certainly notice a huge increase in ad-values, so ad-values are directly proportional to site's popularity. As of now, you may notice ads ranging within $0.001 and $3. We'll be increasing the ad-values over time once the website takes a bit of shape.

amoringTag's ad-packages are quite simple, straightforward and cheap ofcourse. We make sure that you make the most out of your campaign. So, we offer you with 61 HQ visits, unlimited banner views and 1500 credits (worth $1.5). Each ad-package, you purchase gives you $1.5 back, cool? Yes. So, while you spend your money promoting your site, you also earn! All you need is a budget of $1 to get started with our platform. Furthermore, you can keep a track of your campaign statistics at our platform. Oh, and I nearly forgot to mention that you can also write a small description while creating the campaign to attract human eyes towards it (Not the bot eyes!).

We also offer Referral Earnings. You earn 7% of what your referrals earn. Cool, yeah? The more you refer, the more you earn. Referring members is NOT REQUIRED, but highly suggested so that you can increase your earnings at the site and if you refer users that would prove beneficial to us because we'll be getting more users and the ad-values will continue to grow higher. Start today and build your team and earnings ofcourse!

Other features include: Account Upgrades and Buy Referrals option. Just in case, you need to super power your account, you can buy an account upgrade that costs $10 every month. The features include:

1. 15% referral earnings
2. 3% bonus earnings

This will certainly help you increase youe earnings. Nonetheless, you can purchase referrals from our referral pool. Remember, these referrals are always real users and not bots controlled by the admin. Each referral costs $4, but has potential to make you more earnings in the long run. In the start, you might not notice it beneficial, but in the long run: you will certainly earn more!

What's next? Some bonuses!

As I've already mentioned that the site is relatively new. We're trying to make sure that we attract loads of users towards it. To accomplish this, we've added some fun to the site for some time:

1. First 99 users will get $1 free in their accounts.
2. Receive 100 credits as a start.
3. Free account upgrades for three users who refer the most of the users.

Payment Processors:

We support Bitcoin and PayPal at the moment. As of now, we believe Bitcoin and PayPal would be perfect for site's start but in coming weeks, we'll implement other payment processors which include: Payza, Perfect Money and SolidTrustPay. Hopefully, we'll get the legal things done soon and add more payment processors. We request you to keep your faith in us and get started whether we've your preferred payment processor or not.

And, did I even mention that we've a leveling system for users? No. Then, let me explain it to you: We level our users from 0 to 9, and distribute ads accordingly. Level 9 is the most powerful level and receives huge ads while the other ransk aren't that powerful in comparison to Level 9. At the start, you will begin at Level 0 and slowly keep increasing over time. Your level is determined by the amount of credits you've.

JOIN LINK REGISTER: amoringTag - Increase your Income

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